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Sharing – Blog Tips: 7 Ways To Outsmart and Win Over Instagram Algorithm

In case you were wondering why those perfect pics you've been posting haven't been gaining a lot of attention...read this! Do some testing to see what works for you... Here are a couple of tips that we've learned will performing our own testing... Get Personal - Don't just post hashtags or a one word comment … Continue reading Sharing – Blog Tips: 7 Ways To Outsmart and Win Over Instagram Algorithm

International Typing Day – Get Writing

What a perfect day to get some writing done! Here are some writing tips to get you going on this Monday, which also happens to be International Typing Day! Get Writing  1. Big Picture - Start with a one-line summary of your novel 2. Three Acts - Write a synopsis including the 3 acts of … Continue reading International Typing Day – Get Writing

Sunday Dinner – 7 Bean Soup

For a lot of us living on the East Coast, the cold weather is making it extremely uncomfortable! Once our pipes were operational again I started a 7 Bean Soup to help combat the chilly weather. If you're looking for a healthy & hearty meal, you have to try this recipe...maybe with some grilled cheese … Continue reading Sunday Dinner – 7 Bean Soup

Two N0-Guilt Beef Taco Recipes

Check out the latest post on the blog! A few faves from my recipe collection! https://chicoffbeatboutique.com/blogs/news/two-n0-guilt-beef-taco-recipes

Coming Together

Let's support one another this coming year! Share your journey, weight-loss stories, future goals, favorite recipes, parenting tips, business know-how, and anything else you can think of! We'll be updating the blog daily with inspirational words, delicious & healthy recipes, as well as style and beauty tips from the pros! Check back for special features … Continue reading Coming Together

What I Want to Eat is Very Different…

What I want, and what I'm actually going to eat, are two very different things!   This is what I really want (minus the cheese, dairy is not my friend) ---->>           This is what I'll really be eating --->>   Not too bad, right? When you're dieting or just trying … Continue reading What I Want to Eat is Very Different…

New Year’s Eve – Party Recipes that will Turn Heads

With 2017 coming to an end, it's always fun to think back at the last year, but it's way more exciting to look towards the fresh New Year just ahead! I've got all my notes and mood boards ready to make this coming year one of the best yet! To start, I wanted to share … Continue reading New Year’s Eve – Party Recipes that will Turn Heads

The Path to Better Content

I've been blogging for 8 years now but that really doesn't mean much. When I signed up with WordPress it was a personal thing,  over the years it's morphed and developed into much more. I have often taken breaks to focus on other   projects, but it's something I've always come back to. If anything, … Continue reading The Path to Better Content

Clementine Cupcake Recipe

Christmas Eve is one of favorite days of the year. Not only am I surrounded by loved ones, but there's usually family friendly holiday movies that bring you way back, and the nostalgia really sets in when I get my baking goods out and begin my yearly bake-off. No contest here, just trying to outdo … Continue reading Clementine Cupcake Recipe

Chapter 8 – So far

A little something to share on Christmas Day - I'm almost finished with this chapter! Whew... Stunned. I’m just stunned! Once I settled myself into a cozy spot in the living room I got to work unfolding the paper in the most delicate way possible and read the faded words. “Do you not remember me? … Continue reading Chapter 8 – So far

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