Coming Together

Let's support one another this coming year! Share your journey, weight-loss stories, future goals, favorite recipes, parenting tips, business know-how, and anything else you can think of! We'll be updating the blog daily with inspirational words, delicious & healthy recipes, as well as style and beauty tips from the pros! Check back for special features … Continue reading Coming Together

What I Want to Eat is Very Different…

What I want, and what I'm actually going to eat, are two very different things!   This is what I really want (minus the cheese, dairy is not my friend) ---->>           This is what I'll really be eating --->>   Not too bad, right? When you're dieting or just trying … Continue reading What I Want to Eat is Very Different…

Wellness Wednesday – Free w/Every Order

We've been working to clear room for new inventory but we do have some Best Sellers that will be sticking around in the New Year.  To get a jumpstart on your New Year's Resolution... if it happens to be weight-loss, we've got a set you won't want to pass up. With every order we're giving … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – Free w/Every Order

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